Your customer story should show how Dewesoft products or services have helped you solve a problem and attain a goal.

We encourage you to apply creativity - however, the main point is that your story addresses a specific problem, a job to do.

The best customer story in the form of a text or a video will be selected through an evaluation by a panel of judges and a general vote among VMC participants.

The panel will select 5 finalists to be presented at the closing event of the VMC2020. During the event a general vote among participants will take place to point out the best among the finalists – the winner is awarded based on the results of both the panel evaluation and the participant vote which will each weigh 50%.

The panel will judge the stories based on these main criteria:

  • How well it catches attention and maintains the interest.
  • How strongly it provides facts in a logical fashion, establishes credibility and appeals to emotions.
  • How important the issue is, meaning the urgency, the scale, the implications of the job to do, and its solution.
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